Fullerton College, Fullerton

Spanish Professor: Fall 2005-Present

Spanish 101 F, Elementary Spanish I
Spanish 102 F, Elementary Spanish II
Spanish 102H, Honors Elementary Spanish II
Spanish 201 F, Spanish for the Spanish Speaker
Spanish 203 F, Intermediate Spanish III
Spanish 205F, Introduction to Spanish Literature
Spanish 206F, Introduction to Latin American Literature

Department Coordinator for Foreign Languages: Fall 2010-Spring 2012


Irvine Valley College, Irvine

Spanish 1A Introductory Elementary Spanish (Spring 2005, Summer 2005)

Cerritos College, Norwalk

Spanish 101 Elementary Spanish (Fall 2002- Spring 2003, Fall 2003, Spring 2004, Spring 2005)
Spanish 111 Elementary Spanish for Spanish Speakers (Fall 2002)
Spanish 202 Intermediate Spanish (Fall 2002)

Saddleback College, Mission Viejo

Spanish 1 Elementary Spanish (Fall 2003-Spring 2011)
Spanish 1A Introductory Elementary Spanish (Fall 2004)
Spanish 2 Elementary Spanish (Spring 2004)
Spanish 250 Practical Spanish (Spring 2004)
Korean 250 Practical Korean (Spring 2011)

Cypress College, Cypress

Spanish 201 Spanish for Spanish Speakers (Fall 2004)

Santa Monica College, Santa Monica

Spanish 2 Elementary Spanish II (Fall 2004)

University of California, Los Angeles

Teaching Assistant Consultant (TAC): September 2002-June 2003

Oversaw all Spanish I-VI TAs.  Discussed teaching issues and reviewed lesson plans and other teaching materials. Evaluated all TAs’ and offered advice in the construction of midterm and final exams for first and second year Spanish classes.

Teaching Associate: Elem. and Interm. Spanish Language Program, Fall 1998- Spring 2004

Taught first year Spanish levels I, II, III, covering all elements of Spanish grammar, using the direct method of teaching. Taught second year Spanish levels IV, V, and VI, which emphasized reading and writing skills and utilized instructional texts and classroom instruction in the target language.

Group Coordinator for Spanish I, II, III, IV &VI: Spring 1998- Spring 2004
Held group meetings to discuss and plan major examinations, quizzes, composition topics and activities for each particular level. Also, assisted the group in creating these materials. 

Teaching Assistant: Spanish 120 B- Hispanic Literature 1700-1898, Winter 2000
Served as a Teaching Assistant for a large survey of literature course in the undergraduate program. Responsible for leading two weekly discussion sections, developing and grading exams and papers and creating questionnaires for the texts studied in class.

University of California, Los Angeles, Extension Program

Spanish Instructor: Summer 2001-Fall 2003
Responsible for the development of curriculum, classroom instruction, lesson planning, student testing and evaluation while teaching first year Spanish (XL 1, XL 2 and XL 3) and also second year Spanish (XL 4, XL 5 and XL 6).