ESC 130 Oceanography (updated for Fall 2020)

Introduction to Oceanography

From the catalog: This course provides a survey of the geological, physical, chemical and biological principles and processes of oceanography, including interactions of humans with the marine environment. Includes some online work.

ESC 130 L – Online (remote) Class Format

CRN:  11647 and 11551

During Fall 2020, ESC 130 will use a remote ‘flipped’ model with the class meeting twice each week. This online (remote) class is intended to be similar to a ‘flipped’ face-to-face course: video lectures and reading quizzes will be posted online for asynchronous completion before class meetings. 

Each week at least 2 options will be available for students to attend Zoom meetings (60-85 mins). Class meetings will consist of high levels of engagement and participation amongst all participants in the form of discussions and problem solving in small and large groups. Assignments and problems may also be completed asynchronously as attendance at remote meetings will not be required but highly encouraged.  Meetings will be recorded for asynchronous viewing.

Example week

  1. Asynchronous – students complete on their own:
    • Reading Assignment: approximately one textbook chapter.
    • Lecture videos
    • Reading Quiz
    • Discussion board posts for questions during Zoom meetings
  2. Remote meeting via Zoom twice per week (ex. Mon. and Wed.) to include:
    • Summary and clarification of asynchronous assignments
    • Data interpretation, problem solving, and discussion in small groups.
  3. Regularly scheduled Quiz reviews weekly material from asynchronous work and remote meetings.

Textbook recommendations:

Investigation Oceanography, Sverdrup and Kudela, McGraw-Hill (2nd or 3rd editions)

Introduction to the Oceans, Segar, 4th ed.  (Available online)


In addition to the learning objectives as outlined by the FC course catalog, this course will offer students the opportunity to experience and learn the skills necessary to succeed in a full online course. Study techniques, time management, and other skills will be aligned with the asynchronous portion of the class.

Succeeding in Oceanography

Promoting Student Success


Here’s a checklist for the beginning of the semester. Make sure things start off smoothly.

Pre-course surveys

Completing the pre-course surveys will help me help you. If I know who my students are and their general background, it is easier to find way to help students succeed.

General Education and Lifestyle Survey

Mindset Survey


Here’s what students have said about ESC 130 from previous semesters. Take it all with a grain of salt but find something that you can incorporate to help you achieve your goals.