Roman P. de Jesus


ESC 130 Oceanography

Introduction to Oceanography

From the catalog: This course provides a survey of the geological, physical, chemical and biological principles and processes of oceanography, including interactions of humans with the marine environment. Includes some online work.

ESC 130 Course Sections

12770       MW            11:10am – 12:35pm       Rm 412  

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14254       TTh            8:35 – 10:00am                Rm 412

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11915       MW            3:00 – 4:25pm          Rm 410  

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11259       W                6:50 – 10:00pm               Rm 410  

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Succeeding in Oceanography

Promoting Student Success


Here’s a checklist for the beginning of the semester. Make sure things start off smoothly.

Pre-course surveys

Completing the pre-course surveys will help me help you. If I know who my students are and their general background, it is easier to find way to help students succeed.

General Education and Lifestyle Survey

Mindset Survey


Here’s what students have said about ESC 130 from previous semesters. Take it all with a grain of salt but find something that you can incorporate to help you achieve your goals.