ESC 130 LF Intro to Oceanography: Field Experience

From the catalog: This course engages students in field studies of geological, physical, chemical, and biological processes in a variety of marine habitats as well as instruction in oceanographic research techniques. Includes field trips.

Updated for Fall 2020

CRN 11550 Aug. 25 – Oct. 13

CRN 12882 Oct. 20 – Dec. 8

ESC 130 LF – Online (remote) Class Format

During Fall 2020, this field course will be modified for a remote setting. The field/lab course will meet remotely twice per week (approx. 60-75 mins each). Virtual or self guided field trips will be presented with students interpreting data and completing small group work.  

Example week

  1. Asynchronous – students complete on their own:
    • Reading assignment and quiz
    • Lecture videos
    • Virtual or self-guided field trips may be assigned
  2. Remote meetings via Zoom
    • Students will view or review a virtual field trip
    • Data collected from the field trip will be presented
    • In small groups or individually, students begin assignment
      • Assignments may be completed outside meeting times

Required reading assignments will be assigned through Canvas. No textbook requirement.