Adrienne Damiani

German Adjunct Faculty


I am teaching in my second year at Fullerton College in German. One thing that you’ll notice about my courses is a love for languages and learning. I’ve studied everything from German (duh!), Dutch and French to older languages like Old Norse, Medieval Latin and Old French. For me, teaching and learning are a symbiotic relationship: part of my job is to help you learn German, but also how you learn a language, and, by doing so, improve the ways in which I can support and encourage you along this journey.

My first foreign language was Spanish. I began in Middle School and took five more years–a sixth if you count the year of Spanish I took in Germany. During my senior year in high school, I applied for colleges, but also for a chance to study abroad in Germany with the Congress-Bundestag Scholarship. I was selected to be a scholarship award winner, so I finished up high school and headed to Berlin, Germany for a year. I went to Gymnasium (their college-track high school) and become a member of the Philharmonischer Chor Berlin. The year was memorable. So significant in fact that it became my major when I returned, along with Music (and then later History).

Warning: I’m a self-confessed literature, film, language and history nerd. I love explaining the history of words and phrases, or ways in which English and German really are related languages.

Right now I’m finishing up my PhD in German at University of California, Berkeley, hoping to complete it all by the end of Summer 2016. I am the proud parent of 4 children, the wife of a would-be astronaut Physics high school teacher, and owner of 4 very haughty chickens (but they don’t lay any golden or special eggs).

Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in German, in Congress-Bundestag, in Gates Millennium Scholars or anything really!

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