Barry McCarthy


Hi! My name is Barry McCarthy and students call me Coach or Professor. I am a business executive and educator.  I love my job, really. I work hard at what I do and try to bring a wealth of practical and real experience to the classroom.

My teaching philosophy is based upon foundational principles – to be relevant, authentic, and effective in the classroom. This principled approach to learning focuses upon linking academic concepts and theory in meaningful and practical ways. The net result is a positive and universal one – students learn skills and abilities they can immediately use to gain a competitive advantage in their current or future career.

When I am not teaching, I am active enjoying family. I am married, with three children, and eight grandchildren.

Contact Information


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Phone:  805-265-3711 (Mobile)

Office Hours

Location:  Monday through Thursday

Hours:  9:00 AM to 11:00 AM – ONLINE VIA ZOOM  – See link on Canvas

Other times available as arranged