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NUTR 210 – Human Nutrition

This course is an introduction to the science of nutrition. Major principles, functions and sources of nutrients are discussed, as well as their relationship to health and disease. Chemistry and physiology are also discussed as they related to nutrition. General application as it pertains to today’s health and disease, as well as, chemistry and physiology as they relate to nutrition students is stressed. Students will analyze their food intake.(Degree Credit) (CSU) (UC) AA GE, CSU GE 54 hours lecture per term. 3 units

 Sample Syllabi

NUTR 210 Human Nutrition Spring 2022







FOOD 130 – Cultural Aspects of Foods

This course examines food as an expression of cultural unity and diversity. Students will investigate the many cultural influences on food choices and patterns. Preparation techniques and products from a variety of traditions as practiced in the United States will be explored. This course fulfills the Multicultural Education Requirement for graduation. 36 hours lecture and 54 hours lab per term (CSU) (Degree Credit)(3 credit units transferable to CSU)

NUTR 100 – Careers in Nutrition and Foods

This course will explore careers in nutrition and foods such as dietetics, culinary arts, hospitality, and food science. Trends, future employment projections, and employment opportunities will also be emphasized. (CSU) (Degree Credit) 36 hours lecture per term. 2 credit units