ESC 101 Earth Science Survey (Updated for Fall 2020)

Earth Science Survey

This multidisciplinary course explores the fields of geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy. Topics include earthquake and volcanic processes, global current patterns, beach formation, hurricane and tornado development, and star and planetary evolution. Special emphasis is placed on contemporary human-induced environmental changes such as global warming and resource acquisition. Class discussions will also focus on the interaction between science and society.

ESC 101 L ONL – Online Course Format 

CRN: 14297

This is a fully online course. The course is asynchronous with students completing regularly scheduled tasks each week at their own pace. Regular participation through discussions are required. 

Textbook requirement

Earth Science, Marshak and Rauber, W.W. Norton  (1st or 2nd ed.)

Succeeding in ESC 101

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Pre-course surveys

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Mindset Survey 


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