Roman P. de Jesus PhD.

Professor, Oceanography/Earth Sciences

Welcome to my Fullerton College faculty website. 

Spring 2021 courses will have one of the following designations:

Online (O01) designates a fully online course with no regularly scheduled meetings.

Hybrid (H01) designates limited (once per week) scheduled meetings via Zoom with online work.

Synchronous/ZOOM (001) designates regularly scheduled meetings via Zoom which are similar to face-to-face courses.

    • ESC 130 – Intro to Oceanography (Hybrid and Online)
    • ESC 130 LF – Oceanography Field Experience (Synchronous/ZOOM)
    • ESC 101 – Earth Science Survey (Online)

 For Fall 2020, classes have the following general designations:

  • Classes listed as Online Courses and have the ‘OLx’ designation in the course number will not have regularly scheduled meetings.  They will operate as a regular online course.
  • Classes listed as Online Class will have regularly scheduled Zoom meetings. They will operate as a remote version of the regular face-to-face courses.
  1. Resources for those who are interested in STEM at Fullerton College
  2. Resources for explorers of the ocean or Earth
  3. Musings about teaching, higher education, ocean science, and other nerdy but important things.


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