Roman P. de Jesus PhD.

Professor, Oceanography/Earth Sciences

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Spring 2021 

Online (O01) designates a fully online course with no regularly scheduled meetings.

Hybrid (H01) designates limited (once per week) scheduled meetings via Zoom with online work.

Synchronous/ZOOM (001) designates regularly scheduled meetings via Zoom which are similar to face-to-face courses.

    • ESC 130 – Intro to Oceanography (Hybrid and Online)
    • ESC 130 LF – Oceanography Field Experience (Synchronous/ZOOM)
    • ESC 101 – Earth Science Survey (Online)

FOR SPRING 2021, the general format of each course is as follows:

  • ESC 130 F Intro to Oceanography – Hybrid  will meet on Zoom once per week on Wednesdays.
    • This meeting will be used to answer questions, offer introductions to topics, and begin/complete written assignments.
    • Optional Monday Zoom meetings will allow students to ask questions and work together to complete assignments.
    • Asynchronous reading assignments, lectures and quizzes will be available through Canvas.
    • Recommended textbooks: Investigating Oceanography, Sverdrup and Kudela, 3rd or 4th ed.  -OR- Introduction to Ocean Science avail. at


  • ESC 130 LF Oceanography Field Exp. (Lab) will meet synchronously once per week.  Students will complete lab assignments during the normal lab period. 


  • ESC 101 and ESC 130 Online courses will have two mandatory meetings at the beginning and end of the semester.  Several days/times will be offered to accommodate student schedules.  All course work will be completed through Canvas. 


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Phone: 714.992.7462  (Office)

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