Hola estudiantes,

Hi, my name is Kelly Kim, and I am a full time professor at Fullerton College.  I graduated from UCLA with a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in Spanish and Spanish Literature. Currently, I reside in the city of Fullerton. I have a beautiful family with my husband Joo Tae. I have five wonderful kids. Danny is 22, Josh is 20, Nicholas is 19, Kristi is 17, and Emily is 14 years old. Danny, Josh, Nicholas and Kristi continue to learn not only the Korean language, but the Spanish as well. They really enjoy learning different languages and they already realized the necessities of speaking a second or third language other than English. It is my 14th year teaching with Fullerton College and my 11th year teaching online. I am really excited to be your instructor and it will be my pleasure to be your guide in this journey to learn the Spanish language.


Con mucho cariño,



Office Hours for otoño 2019

Monday & Wednesday: 10:30-12:45 PM
Tuesday & Thursday: 7:30-8:00 AM

Phone: 714- 992-7345

Email: kkim@fullcoll.edu